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Love Food

W ho does not enjoy eating? Food can be described as delicious, succulent, tender, crispy, melts in your mouth and the list could go on forever. It does not take long to take notice that I love food, but over the years I have learned that you can not let you eyes become far bigger than your stomach.  It takes discipline to eat clean when you truly love food. Oh and how I love my “cheat days.”  Remember, that no one is perfect, but I try my best to keep it healthy and  delicious. Check out the “Let’s Eat!” page to see what I’ve got cooking!

Fun Fitness

L et’s workout and have fun with it. It’s time to turn up the music, sweat off the stress, feel the pain and reap the rewards.  Working out isn’t as tuff as it seems.  In fact, it can even be relaxing, fun and invigorating all at once.  Finding exercises, workouts and activities that work for you is key.  You may not be a runner, swimmer or biker, but there is something for everyone.  What moves you?  Check out the “Work Out” page to find out about some ways I like to keep moving! Ready, set, go!

Meditate Daily

I pray all day, everyday and there is absolutely no shame in my game.  Taking time from my hectic schedule to just breathe, reflect and have a conversation with God is often needed.  I am a worry wort at times, but once I just take that time out to listen and read the word, I often laugh at myself and realize that God is always in control. Checkout the “Faith”FULL” page to receive spiritual quotes and scriptures that just might change the way you view things.


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