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30 Jan 2015 | Categories: Faith“Full”, Guest Blogger Series, Off the radar | Posted by: LifewithBri

Drumroll please, for my next awesome #guestblogger Ashley J. [25, MI], aashleypicnother remarkable friend that always challenges me mentally and keeps me on my toes. Without further adieu…

Blogger Bio:  I am a non-profit professional seeking to change the world in any way I can. I am a lover of God, music, books, pop culture and a good conversation. Currently seeking peace and a bikini body.

I don’t know what the true sign of adulthood is, but I do know when I turned 25 everything felt different. I began to feel a heightened sense of who I am and a responsibility to always be my best self. Okay that’s not true. I actually felt a sudden onset of disappointment because I was not who I wanted to be at this age. I felt an even greater amount of anxiety for being one step closer to 30 and farther away from 20. It’s funny when your young you want to be older, then you get older and you want to be young again. Maybe it’s the human condition of always wanting what you don’t have and struggling to appreciate what you have when you have it. More important than where I am with my career, what my marital status is, or how many designer bags I own, the one thing I wish were different at 25 is my body. I’ve struggled with my weight since middle school. I always felt uncomfortable in my skin and wanted so desperately to be someone or something else. As the feeling of being unhappy with ashleyquotemy body continued my bad eating habits unfortunately did as well. Instead of being motivated to commit myself to really working at a healthier lifestyle, I often stopped before I could even see results. Was I just lazy? Was I afraid of the hard work? What was really the problem? What I now know for sure is that losing weight and changing your lifestyle is a physical, emotional and mental journey. It is not a fad or trend. It takes dedication, persistence and perseverance. It requires sacrifice and discipline. There may be goals in sight, but it is an ongoing and life long effort to stay in shape. As I think about the woman I am becoming, I know above everything else I want to be healthy and happy. Living in regret and reliving missed opportunities won’t bring forth new success. I challenge myself and everyone else to take advantage of the gift that is the present. Every day God grants us to walk this earth is a day we can use to be great. I challenge us to accept the responsibility of caring for ourselves inside and out. Do the work and reap the benefits. Maybe it took turning 25 for me to realize how important a healthy lifestyle really is. I am dedicating this year of my life to uncovering my full potential and giving my best to myself. So instead of dreaming about the woman I want to become, I’ll try just being her.


  1. Tonya Johnson
    January 30, 2015

    I’m in with the challenge of being healthy this year 2015 new beginnings lifestyle

    • LifewithBri
      January 30, 2015

      I am so glad to hear that! What an awesome attitude to have in this new year! 🙂

  2. February 10, 2015

    Love how open and honest you are. Very inspiring read!

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