Are you Ready?

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This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24



As they say, “every God-given day is sweeter than the day before.” A new day is surely a blessing from God; another chance to get it right, another chance to help someone, maybe try something different, discover a new passion, etc. There is just something about a new year that is refreshing to me as well.

Now that I have reflected on how God has held my hand through the last year– guiding me, protecting me and leading me into this new year, I am ready to embrace all of the wonderful things I know that he has in store for my future.  I took some time to look my vision board from last year ( click here to check it out ) and to my surprise (not really), many things I no longer even wanted, but everything I really wanted and actually needed, God provided for me in some way or another.  Isn’t God good? You don’t have to tell me!

So I just wanted to take the time to ask you…

Are you ready?  Are you ready to recognize the things that no longer matter to you?  Are you ready to let go of last year’s pain, hurts, mistakes and regrets? Are you ready to forget your old way of thinking? #Woosah

Are you ready? Are you ready to {embrace} everything that God is going to give you with an open <3 and renewed mind?  Maybe it’s a new job, a new friend, a new love..– whatever it is, I bet it’s more than you could ever imagine. 🙂

Are you ready? 

Meditate on his promises for your life.  I challenge you to get ready. (Just for giggles–We are only 5 days into this new year and my friends & I are already like “the year is almost over already!” #timeflies haha.)

Have A Blessed New Year!


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