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Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this? – Esther 4:14



Did you know that in the game of chess, the Queen is the most powerful playing piece? It is the only piece that is able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally. She is a game changer.

Sorry fellas, but I think in this particular blogpost I am going to cater to the women, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read on and learn a little something too. :p

I recently heard the term game changer at a women’s leadership conference I attended last week.  In an hour long workshop, I sat and listened to two very confident women with prominent roles in the community describe through their personal experiences what it takes to be a game changer.

Not once did they say uhhh or ummm and seem unsure of themselves when describing who they were, what had taken place to help shape them into that person and where they saw themselves going in the future.  They each spoke in an extremely clear and bold way, often commenting that their faith also played a huge role in every decision they made.

So what exactly is a game changer?  Or should I ask, what are the two things they said you need to know to be a game changer?

  1. Yourself
  2. When it’s time to change the game. [tick, tock]


Whether you are in a relationship that is just not how you had imagined or found yourself working a job that is just not a good fit for you, if you know yourself, you should be able to identify what’s not working.  Next, you must recognize that you either need to work on that relationship, leave it or figure out how to make your job one that you enjoy or simply find a new job– it’s time to change the game.

The relationship and job situations are just an example of numerous situations in your life where you might need to really take a look at who you are and decide to make some changes. So ask yourself, are you in a situation where you may need to change the game?

Here are just a few other tips that I jotted down in the workshop and embellished on a bit that I wanted to share with you:

  1. Actively engage yourself in knowing your job (or whatever area you are interested)
  2. Immerse yourself in your discipline (whether professional or personal)
  3. Internalize and APPLY
  4. Be the BEST at what you are doing
  5. Be competent – (know what is taking place in your area of interest and know it WELL)
  6. Be confident and know your abilities (what is your skillset? What are I really good at?)
  7. Have the right attitude
  8. Build up others around you (leaders lead)
  9. Invest in yourself
  10. Bring something to the table that will move the needle (get creative)
  11. Ask yourself, what is your brand? What do you want other people to see?
  12. Insert yourself into opportunities (take chances)
  13. People engage with you when you are authentic (stay yourself)
  14. Know how to adapt- change is good
  15. Don’t care if that “isn’t your job” (do it anyways)
  16. Know how you operate
  17. Staff your weaknesses (if you can’t do something, place someone on your team that can)
  18. Don’t be threatened by people with other skillsets- embrace and take advantage (in a good way- collaborate)



Remember: You can’t change anything if you don’t have any power, but God has made us queens and given us his power, so get in the game and change it up a bit! Last but not least, I want to leave this with you….”If you want to do it, don’t deliberate forever, but still be thoughtful.”

Let’s change the game. I’m ready, are you?



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  1. Ashley
    February 5, 2015

    great read!

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