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21 Aug 2015 | Categories: Let's Eat!, Work Out | Posted by: LifewithBri

It’s Day 19 of my 100 Days to FIT for LIFE challenge and it’s time for me to share some of my fitness and nutrition essentials for before, during, and after my workout, or even throughout the entire day.IMG_20150815_185426

If you didn’t already know, what we do before our workout can make or break our potential success.  Let me share with you not only some foods that I make sure to keep handy pre workout as well as after my workout to ultimately make sure that I get the MOST out of my workout:

  1. I always make sure to fuel my body before a workout, unless I work out first thing in the morning and then I definitely make it a point to fuel myself properly afterwards.


Pre workout foods: wheat toast or English muffin with peanut butter and banana, parfait with Greek yogurt, fresh berries and granola, oatmeal and fresh fruit , trail mix (sometimes just pistachios or almonds), fruit/veggie smoothie with added protein of choice (usually plain or vanilla whey—check out some protein powder and clean pre workout available at ETBfit.com)

Post workout foods: grilled chicken and sautéed veggies, fish, sweet potatoes, tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread, salad with black beans, brown rice/quinoa with avocado, hummus and fresh veggies

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Here are a few more tips to help you reap the most benefits out of a good workout and keep you motivated:

  1. It’s extremely important to switch up workout routines ever so often so that not only does your body does not get used to it (and no longer reaps the benefits), but so that you do not become bored and lose motivation!
  2. Also, a good way to keep your workouts fresh, new and fun is to incorporate some great music.  What are your favorite songs? favorite artists? What gets you moving? I have found that it is different for everyone. Check out a few of my favorite tunes that just might interest you and get you moving– some of which are oldies, so don’t judge me! : )
  • Get Me Bodied by Beyonce (What’s a workout without at least one great Beyonce track?)
  • One Thing by Amerie (Ooh ohh OH)
  • Senorita by Justin Timberlake
  • Sugar by Maroon 5
  • Lean On by DJ Snake and Major Lazer
  1. As for additional supplements, I will be honest when saying it is extremely difficult for me to stay on track and remember to take them daily, but when I am able to, I definitely reap the benefits. Some supplements I try to take include a probiotic, b12 vitamin (or liquid drop), fish oil pill, regular daily vitamin and/or hair, skin and nails vitamin.

Now, let’s fuel our bodies. #100toFIT #100toLIFE

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