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03 May 2013 | Categories: Let's Eat!, Off the radar | Posted by: LifewithBri

Another food blog? Ohhh yes. Why, because food is well, FOOD! Enough said.  Now, let’s make it hot! I want to share with you a few hot and spicy items that are my absolute favorites.

My new favorite? You guessed it. Sriracha.  But not any ole’ sriracha…this kind.


I practically find myself putting it on everything these days.  The flavor is well, just not like anything I have really tasted before. Somewhat sweet, a little tangy, and just down right spicy if you ask me!  In fact, it kind of sneaks up on your taste buds.  At first, I add a little here and there and then I often find my mouth on fire (but in no way does that mean I stop eating it). I eat it on chicken, shrimp, my baked tilapia and even my eggs in the morning!

I have to admit when I first read about it and saw it in the bottle, I was a bit skeptical.  But of course, I am up for trying anything at least once and with this one I am so glad that I did! It’s definitely a great addition to my pantry and if I happen to eat something that needs to step it up a notch in the “flavor category,” I know exactly what to add.

Next thing to spice it up a bit! KIMCHI.  Well, if you don’t know, my aunt is Korean and my mom loves everything Asian. I grew up eating every type of kimchi in the world (trust me, there are plenty) and I even know how to make a few of them myself.  The kimchi I want to refer to in this post is the cabbage kimchi.  The one thing that often deters people from trying it is the way that it looks, the fact that it’s cold and its verrrryy unique smell J.


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I love eating kimchi with brown rice and tilapia, but more so recently, I have been making “kimchi soup.”  This simply involves stir frying your favorite meat in some olive oil or sesame oil, then adding the kimchi to the pan for a little while.  Next, add just enough water to make the amount of soup you are trying to make (no broth is needed for flavor because the juice from the kimchi is strong and flavorful enough!).  Then just bring it to a slight boil, turn it down and let it simmer for a little bit. — & Bon appetite!  I often add Korean sweet potato noodles with it (a clear noodle displayed in the first picture, which looks nothing like it sounds) and it tastes amazing. I know my recipe is a bit everywhere, but do the research–there are plenty of kimchi soup recipes online!

Let me tell you why I like it spicy!  Spicy foods speed up your metabolism.  What better way to burn off calories than by eating delicious foods that can help you along the way? I can’t think of anything. So try it for yourself. Let’s spice things up a bit…together!

SN: I leave for China in 11 days and I’ll sure to find some tasty, spicy dishes while I’m there to tell you about when I return!

MY CHOICE: To spice it up a bit by finding some ingredients or foods that add flavor to my dishes and helps to speed up my metabolism.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Find a way to incorporate some “spicy” in your diet.  We all know what we can and can’t have, so if it’s something a little milder than sriracha and kimchi, go for it! Do the research and find what works for you.

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