My Top 10 Healthy Eating Habits

19 Aug 2013 | Categories: Let's Eat! | Posted by: LifewithBri

What happens when you finally drop those last few pounds that just wouldn’t go away?   You feel a sense of accomplishment, that’s what! 🙂  I am so very excited to share that I have finally reached my ideal weight. I know, I know, it’s not always about the “number” on the scale, but I’ll be honest with reporting that even after completing the 30 Day Abs and More Challenge, I still was not where I wanted to be physically.  I was able to tone up tremendously, but some of the weight just was NOT coming off like I had hoped.  I realized that you can do all of the exercise you want in the world and spend hours in the gym, BUT if you are not eating right, then you will NOT see any kind of result;  so I made some changes!  I comprised a list of all of the different healthy and safe eating habits I had practiced in the past and decided to incorporate them over the past two weeks and WALAH, here I am with the ultimate success story of dropping those last six (yes, SIX) lbs. and feeling more energetic and healthy in the end.  Take a look at the list below to see MY TOP TEN HEALTHY EATING HABITS that will get you the results you are looking for sooner than later!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal list of habits that have worked for ME.  Everyone is different and know what they can and cannot eat.  I chose to keep it simply, fun and interesting. ENJOY. 🙂

1Fruits and Veggies are definitely the way to go. Eat them all day, every day if you want. (Frozen fruits/veggies are perfectly fine. In fact, they are often even better!)


2Cook with oils! (i.e. olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, etc.), BUT avoid “deep-fried” foods like  french fries, fried chicken, etc!


3Keep a snack handy. (Some of my favorites include cherries, pistachios and sunflower seeds)


4Make a meal plan at the beginning of the week (Sit down on Sunday and just write it all down.  It’s okay if you switch some things up a long the way, but at least you have an idea of what you are going to be eating throughout the week so you won’t give into temptation.)

5Research healthy recipes you think you would like, make a grocery list and HAVE FUN at the grocery store.


6Detox your body once in a while (I would recommend at least every 6 months)


7Create sweet tooth substitutions.  Some of my favorites include frozen blueberries and grapes!


8Eat when you are hungry.  (Never starve yourself bc. it is not “time” to eat yet)


9Limit your meat intake (beef, chicken, pork, etc.).  I have found that even lean meats often help me to maintain weight, rather than lose it.  I often find other ways to get my protein such as legumes (black beans, red beans, etc.)

10Last but not least, enjoy your CHEAT MEAL.  Yes, I used to have a “Cheat Day,” but  I have found that I often go overboard with the whole day and that one good meal of my choice does the trick alone.

There you go, my sure fire top 10 healthy eating habits that will help you to drop those unwanted pounds.  Trust me, I probably have tons more to share with you in the future, but I lost the last 6 lbs. I wanted in a matter of the two weeks by simply becoming a little more disciplined in my eating habits.  Hope this helps! 🙂

BTW, I didn’t mention this as a “eating” habit, but I am ONLY drinking H20 at the moment!


MY CHALLENGE:  To follow my top 10 healthy eating habits in order to see results.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Wondering why the weight isn’t coming off or why you feel like you need to become leaner/more toned?   Follow these 10 healthy eating habits and start reaping the  results you’ve wanted all along. 🙂


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