Salad in a Jar? Say Whhaaatt.

12 Apr 2013 | Categories: Let's Eat!, Off the radar | Posted by: LifewithBri

Salad in a JardYesss, let’s talk food! But, salad in a jar? Say whhaaatt. I know as you see this, your first instinct is to question the concept overall.  Thinking, this is crazy.  Asking yourself, what are the benefits of putting your salad in a jar? Does is stay fresh? Will it taste different? Saying, “Bri you’re crazy…”

I was the exact same way when one of my good friends, Ramona who is famous for you-tube surfing showed it to me!  But after taking a chance and actually making them, I was quite surprised at how amazing they turned out (I even have my mom hooked!).

The answer to these questions are that there are many benefits to making salads in a jar including that they  stay fresh longer and will taste different, well tastier!  Also, it gives you a chance to get creative with your meal, adding the toppings that you like on your salad and giving you the ability to switch it up and try new ones.  Once all of the ingredients are added to the jar, make sure the lid is secured tightly and when ready to eat, simply pour it onto your plate!

We found that over time, the salads become more “flavorful” because of the dressing at the bottom of the jar marinating some of the veggies.  Although the salads do stay fresh pretty long, I do not recommend keeping them in the fridge for longer than a little over a week.

The main things you will need are the mason jars, which are easy to find and inexpensive (try Wal-mart) and other than that, the ingredients are up to you–even add chicken if you want! So follow the order in the picture above, get creative and have fun with it!

Next, take a look at our video below and check out how Ramona and I make our weekly salads in a jar for on-the-go nutritious meals! (I hope you enjoy our music, we have a little Dominican Republic in us! haha)

Now, it’s time for you try it for yourself.  Enjoy! Post comments below. Any questions, email me:

OUR CHOICE: Planning ahead and prepping our meals. i.e. Salad in a Jar.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Try it for yourself! Tell us what you think. Yum.


  1. Nichelle
    April 12, 2013

    S/o to the seductive salad music in the beginning O_O lol- but I love this whole idea- especially b/c the best salad place close to my job sells salad for $12!!! Seems like it’ll save time, money, and my conscience, thanks bri and ramona!

  2. Tanya smith
    April 13, 2013


    Honey you are an inspiration. My girls have always looked up to and modeled you and Ash. This is yet another way!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Reyanna
    April 17, 2013

    I shall be trying this!! Looks great.

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