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23 Jan 2015 | Categories: Guest Blogger Series, Off the radar | Posted by: LifewithBri

It is truly a pleasure to introduce to you my next #guestblogger, Nichelle Brochellener [25, NYC].  She is amazing to say the least, and someone who has always and continues to inspire me as our friendship grows! Enjoy!

Writer Blurb: Mad[wo]man, Tattoo Lover, Spoken Word Poet, Music/Entertainment Aficionado

I decided to wear heels today to work, and quite frankly they hurt. They’re cute, but they hurt.

I figured it didn’t matter much though because I’d rarely be on my feet. In New York City the subway basically gets me door-to-door from my house to my office.

I made it to the station just in time for the empty 8:40 train and was able to make it comfortably into a seat, but just as my eyes are closing for fake satisfaction from 45 seconds of sleep between each stop and to avoid eye contact with the man across from me, here comes an express train across the platform.

Now, I COULD get up. Actually, I SHOULD get up. It would get me to work about 15 minutes faster. There’s one problem though, it would completely break my comfort. What if I have to stand when I get over there? Everyone would look at me confused as to why I’m even attempting to wear heels knowing my commute. They’d stare with looks of “told you so” as they watch me squirm to keep balance at the faster speed, potentially stumbling into a baby carrier or strange oversized instrument.

I know you’re wondering where this is going, but it brought me to a realization.


Sitting in your comfort could give you a much longer ride on the way to where you’re trying to go. We tend to deal with a lot of things that we know, better than anyone, are not necessarily the best for us. We stay in our comfort zones because here, it’s easier to fake that you’re happy. It’s the thing you know you can do without any trips or slip ups.

I’m not saying you should seek a life with a guaranteed path of broken necks, ankles, dreams, and hearts, but I’m just saying the possibility of a more difficult trip should never stop what you want to do. Once you get off at your stop, YOU will be satisfied because you knew what it took to get there. It feels even better making it to your destination because of the risk of the situation and the trust you required from yourself to get it done. Nothing beats a good looking power walk off of the train and into work on time. Even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else and maybe not even to yourself at first, there’s far more reward available from risk. Don’t leave yourself always wondering what if. Get uncomfortable.

If you want to view some of Nichelle’s spoken work poetry, click here.


  1. January 23, 2015

    I often live in my comfort zone but as I get older I realize if there is no risk, there is often no reward. I’m working on it daily. Growth most times will be uncomfortable. Thanks for the reminder!

    • LifewithBri
      January 23, 2015

      Yes, I could not agree more! We are all a work in progress. Keep pushing! 🙂

  2. January 23, 2015

    I think we all need to remember it, with any decision. It can be a job, a hair choice, relationship…even if it doesn’t work out. It’s the only way we can get as close as possible to living without regrets! And remember, the local train will always be right where you left it if you ever want to go back 😉

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