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21 Jan 2014 | Categories: Faith“Full” | Posted by: LifewithBri

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The best tears I encounter, are not of sadness, but of peace and joy to know that God holds me in his hands, that the Lord is with me at all times and that the Holy Spirit dwells within my very temple.

I say all of the time that I want only what God has for my in his will, and then I go against it by living in this world and giving into temptation, laziness, doubt and not allowing myself to be led by the Holy Spirit.

I am a true believer that many of the things I have desired in my entire life, the dreams that have always transpired in my heart are very closely aligned to God’s purpose in my life.  Why?  Because he put them there and he allowed me to have these dreams and desires for a reason.

Sometimes, I feel so blessed, but lost at the same time.  I am not perfect.  How can I feel this way I ask myself?  Most, if not all the time, it’s because I have not found the time to talk to God.  To really sit down in the quiet, sometimes in the dark, with my eyes closed shut and talk to God.

The one person who knows EVERYTHING about you; the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly.  The one person who does not judge you, but loves you unconditionally and constantly gives you another chance to get it right.

In this time, I just listen, I pour out my heart and soul and just tell him exactly what he already knows, but the difference is that I am confessing it to him.  I am opening my heart to the Lord that I LOVE SO MUCH because he did the unthinkable for me.  He DIED for ME.  Who in your life can you say would die for you?  Who in your life could you say would send his only begotten son to die for you?  Who in your life would leave a spirit to dwell inside of you to help comfort and guide you through life until he returns?

As I spend my time talking to Jesus, I know that the tears that begin to fall down my face are not full of sadness, but instead of love, hope, peace, comfort to know that everything he has for me in this life will come to pass.  I encourage you to cut off the television, turn down the music, silence your phone and talk to God.  Like me, I hope tears begin to run down your face as your heart begins to smile.


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