The New Craze: Fruit Infused Water

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 When life hands you lemons, drink lemon water. – NGVKB (Abs and More Challenger)



I know what you are thinking. What’s with me and mason jars?  Well, apparently, I’m not the only one who loves to use them for different quirky health trends such as this one:  FRUIT INFUSED WATER.  It’s already Day 6 of the 30 Day Abs and More Challenge and the challengers and I have been “testing the water with this idea” (haha, now that’s funny), but the reviews are so far so good!  In fact, this concept is popular and  floating around social media sites such as Pinterest and other health blogs!

Here are some of the “suggested” ingredients and one recipe ( that I found to get you started–all of which are delicious, inexpensive and healthy:

Herbs: Basil, Mint, Thyme and Lavender

Fruits: Berries (Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries),  Citrus (Lemons, Limes, Oranges, etc), Cucumbers, Watermelon and Pineapple

Recipe – Cherry Limeade


What you will need:


  • 1 Key Lime sliced thinly
  • 6 pitted cherries cut in half
  • 1 sprig of mint
  • ice and water

Let steep 30 minutes.









Words that can describe fruit infused water: Crisp, Fresh, Tasty, Refreshing and HEALTHY!

In the end, what do I always say? Be creative with it! Make it your own.  Buy your favorite fruit and switch it up by experimenting.  You might even invent the best flavored water you’ve ever tasted! 😉

MY CHOICE:  Stay away from sugary drinks such as soda and processed juices, but instead make Fruit Infused Water for a healthy and refreshing drink alternative.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  If you have not already made salad in a jar, go and get your mason jars already! Grab your favorite fruits and have fun with this idea.

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