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Never forget to breathe.

Life can be overwhelming at times, we all know.  Situations and people come at you from every which way, not necessarily contributing anything positive. Things happen that we have no control over.  We get busy, wrapped up in a daily routine, too busy to recognize what we are doing or not doing at all.

One too many times over the last few months, I did not follow that simple rule – to breathe.  Faced with obstacles and challenges that became stressful and overwhelming, I often let them get the best of me. My mind began racing, I would begin to think negative thoughts like “why me?” and “I can’t do this.” I would find myself focusing on the negative only.

What did I forget to do?  Breathe.

I knew better. And with a sister as a Yoga Instructor, you might be thinking – how the heck did she forget to breathe?  Easy. Believe it or not, once in a while, we all do it.

Along with forgetting to breathe, I also forgot to remember that just as God had given me the strength to make it through those past trials and tribulations, that if I once again simply put my trust in him, he would do the same thing again. Instead, I chose to worry.


Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? – Matthews 6:27




The answer is simply no.  What I have found is that when you forget to breathe, you forget the other things that are important to you as well.  Prime example, this is my first blog post in how many months? Exactly.

Let’s talk about breathing exercises. To be honest, there are so many and it can be as simple as one long deep breath in and out that can bring your focus back and relax your body.  Check out this neat article I found that describes 6 simple breathing exercises that can help you to relax in 10 minutes or less. Of course, I also recommend that you don’t only practice these exercises when you feel stressed, but regularly so that when unexpected moments do come about, they don’t hit you so hard. Don’t know if you are doing it right? Take a trip to youtube – there are tons of breathing exercise videos to help walk you through it.

And I can’t forget to suggest you add in some type of daily meditation (which of course includes breathing) and a yoga class or two to keep your energy focused and relaxed daily.

Feeling overwhelmed today? Take a deep breath in and just WOOSAH.



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