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20 Feb 2014 | Categories: Faith“Full”, Let's Eat!, Off the radar, Work Out | Posted by: LifewithBri

I will be completely honest when saying that this post is LONG OVERDUE.  In fact, it is now February 20th and I was supposed to have it completed by the end of January.  Either way, I deemed it important enough to still post because I feel like this is an activity you can really do at any point in your life! 🙂 Now, what am I referring to?  A VISION BOARD, of course! I know what you are thinking.  Why do I need a vision board?  And I will ask you right back, why not?  I think that everyone goes through a phase, many of us at the beginning of a new year in which we make a ‘resolution list’ of everything we hope to accomplish in the coming year and/or a set period of time.  Well, what if you had a way to make this list come to life, visually?!  If you are anything like me, you are a visual person and being able to see something, helps you to better focus on the end goal.

So ask yourself, if you haven’t done so already…

 What do you see yourself accomplishing in the year 2014?



Where do you see yourself going?  Do you want a new car, purchase a new home, write a song?  The sky is the limit.  Well, why not create a vision board to keep you on track?  Some friends and I decided to do just that! Before you get started, I recommend you sit down and reflect on the things you reallllly want in this year.  Don’t think too far ahead and end up with a list of a million things, but be realistic, yet dreamy.  Next, grab some pen and paper and make a list. List everything you hope to achieve, buy,  visit etc. Once your list is completed and narrowed down to the things you deem most important to achieve in the time frame you have chosen, you will need to gather the following items to begin creating your board (this is the fun part!). What you will need:

  • Tons of magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Tape
  • Poster board
  • Arts and Crafts items of your choosing (stickers, glitter, etc. to decorate)



Now that you have your items, find a nice place with a lot of space because things tend to get a little crazy!  Next, begin looking for phrases and pictures that depict the things on your list.  Make sure it’s something that represents YOU and be choosy about what you decide to place on your board (Remember, these are the things you are hoping for, so make it look good!).


Once you have chosen all your pieces, I recommend you laying them out on your poster board first to make sure that they will all fit and then begin to glue each piece one by one.



And WALLAH, there you have it.  Your very own vision board.  Pray over it, letting God know that these are the things you are believing for him to help you accomplish in the future and hang it somewhere that you can see it everyday to keep you focused! I had a blast making mine and I hope you do so as well. Enjoy.


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